Faculty and Research

Research Clusters

The NTU 2025 blueprint describes a whole-of-university framework where researchers from all disciplines and with aspirations spanning curiosity-driven questions to solving pressing technological and societal needs can find a space to contribute. NTU 2025 embraces the ‘Knowledge Triangle’ – education, research, and innovation – to enhance organisational resonances within the Colleges, Schools, Institutes, Centres and Programmes.

Engineers in Laboratory

NTU places great emphasis on our pursuit of the quality and uniformity of excellence in research, while also addressing the national priorities and four of humanities’ grand challenges through the establishment of the six NTU 2025 interdisciplinary research (NTU-R 2025) clusters aligned with Singapore’s Research Innovation & Enterprise 2025 plan (RIE 2025):

  • Artificial & Augmented Intelligence - builds upon NTU’s established reputation in AI research and its strong engineering eco-system
  • Resilient Urbanisation & Natural Ecosystems - places Singapore at the forefront of sustainability research and development
  • Brain & Learning - foresees opportunities at the intersection of neuroscience, cognitive science, and science-of-learning
  • Health & Society - addresses demographic changes in Singapore from perspectives of MedTech, drug development, population health and community wellness
  • Future of Industry - contributes to maintaining Singapore’s high global ranking in terms of its ability to shape the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)
  • Culture, Organisations & Society - recognises importance of cultural forms, arts, richness of our linguistic inheritances, and philosophical thinking to all other value systems

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NTU continues to grow in global stature and impact as a result of the remarkable accomplishments of the faculty in research, education and innovation that benefit knowledge creation, industry and society.

Professorships are one of the highest honours given to distinguished faculty at the University in recognition of their scholarly and scientific achievements in research.

A key mechanism to recognise the achievements of early-career, mid-career and senior faculty members is through named chair professorships. 

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