Published on 09 Jun 2022

Supporting top NTU faculty with your philanthropic gift

Professorships recognise eminent faculty at NTU Singapore for their endeavours in research and education, and their beneficial impact on humanity. As the University continues its upward trajectory, the philanthropic need for professorships is growing.

By Jasmine Tiong

As a leading global research university, NTU Singapore seeks to recruit and retain talented faculty. In 2018, NTU President Professor Subra Suresh announced the creation of 50 new ‘named’ faculty chair professorships as part of an ambitious plan to create up to 100 new professorships over five years that would attract, nurture and retain outstanding faculty at NTU.

Named professorships, an identified philanthropic need of the University, are one of the highest honours given to distinguished faculty at NTU in recognition of their scholarly and scientific achievements in research. They generate spendable funds to support the holders’ work, whether it is in the lab, classrooms or at professional conferences. 

Carrying on the excellent work of his predecessors

Among the 50 faculty members appointed to a newly-created named professorship is Professor Euston Quah, the Albert Winsemius Chair in Economics. A prolific writer, Prof Quah has published over 100 papers in international journals. His recent works include Albert Winsemius and Singapore: Here It is Going to Happen, a detailed study of Dr Albert Winsemius’ impact on Singapore’s early economic growth and development. Dr Winsemius was a Dutch policymaker, businessman and economic adviser.

EustonProf Quah (third from left) and his team of NTU economists at the book launch on 23 May 2022. 

The Albert Winsemius Professorship is awarded to renowned scholars who have been appointed to help review and develop NTU’s economics curriculum, teach, initiate and undertake joint research projects with the university’s staff, give public lectures and conduct seminars.

“Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) and applied economics, both of which are my expertise and contributions, allow for the design, evaluation, and analysis of policies and regulations – making economics useful and relevant to society,” said Prof Quah. 

“With the support of the endowment, and carrying on the excellent work of my predecessors, my chair professorship focuses on advancing research, training and outreach in the tools and methodology of CBA and applied economics, particularly on applications to policies and regulations encouraging sustainable economic growth and development – all in the spirit of Albert Winsemius’ contributions to Singapore.”

Applying scientific knowledge to solve global problems

Echoing Prof Quah’s sentiments about the value of a professorship in advancing scholarly and scientific achievements is Professor Mary Chan, the 2019 Board of Trustees Chair in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering. 

Supported by members of the NTU Board of Trustees, the 2019 Board of Trustees Senior Term Professorship recognises and honours one senior faculty who has demonstrated excellence in research and teaching. 

“The Chair Professorship encourages me to further apply my scientific knowledge toward the solution of global problems such as antimicrobial resistance and food sustainability. The support elevated the recognition of my research through more visits and conferences,” said Prof Chan, in a message of gratitude to her professorship donors in 2020. 

“I shall use the Chair Professorship money to increase the awareness of our works on translational anti-infection works that may save lives.”

In December 2021, Prof Chan was part of a team of NTU scientists who collaborated with Harvard Chan School to develop a ‘smart’ food packaging material that keeps food fresh while killing bacteria. Prior to that, she also developed a synthetic antimicrobial peptide with another team of NTU scientists. The peptide offers hope for the prospect of a combination treatment strategy to tackle certain antibiotic-tolerant infections.

MaryProf Mary Chan (left) shows us a packet of strawberries wrapped in the ‘smart’ food packaging material. The strawberries stayed fresh for seven days before developing mould, compared to those kept in mainstream fruit plastic boxes, which only stayed fresh for four days.

NTU’s named professorships are made possible through the generous support of NTU’s major donors, who believe in NTU’s capacity to strengthen education and research and benefit humanity.

As the OneNTU community comes together to bring NTU to new heights, our need for professorships is continuing to grow. If you would like to learn more about supporting a professorship please reach out to any of our fundraisers, and they will be happy to assist you.

We hope you have enjoyed this story about the impact of giving on NTU’s momentum.

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