Elevate Your Engineering Career with with our MSc Programmes

Since 1985, the NTU School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (NTU EEE) has established itself to be one of the largest and most highly ranked schools in the world, attracting an average of over 1,000 graduate students across its 5 Master of Science programmes in specialised fields, catered to the ambitions of aspiring engineers seeking to amplify their impact in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

NTU EEE continues to review its programmes regularly to stay up to date with the advancement of science and engineering, changes in industry and Singapore’s economic needs. Whether your passion lies in communications engineering, control and automation systems, integrated circuit design, microelectronics fabrication and manufacture of electronic and photonic products renewable energy, signal processing or algorithm development, our specially designed programmes are poised to enrich your understanding, cultivate your practical skills and empower you with the expertise demanded by today's dynamic industries.

The journey towards engineering excellence begins with a choice - Your choice. By enrolling into NTU EEE’s MSc programme, you are not only embracing an education of the highest calibre but also embracing a future rife with possibilities. Embrace the opportunity and enhance your engineering venture today.

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MSc Coursework Programmes Application Timeline

MSc Coursework Programmes Application Timeline