Non-Graduating Research Programme

The Non-Graduating (NG) research programme is a short-term research attachment in which the student is required to work a research project during the stint.

Applicants who are overseas postgraduates (currently pursuing a PhD or Master's degree) must find an NTU-EEE faculty member and obtain their agreement to supervise the applicant for this programme. NTU EEE hosts 13 research centres/laboratories, and applicants can learn more about EEE research areas here. For further assessment, the NTU EEE faculty member will then submit a hosting application form to the Graduate Research Programme Office (GRPO).

The proposed NG research programme start date should be 3 months from the hosting application form submission date.

Applicants of the China Scholarship Council (CSC) scholarship applying for admission to the NG research programme must link up with a NTU-EEE faculty member who is interested to supervise them. The NTU faculty thereafter must submit a hosting application form to EEE GRPO at least 2 months before the applicant’s CSC scholarship application deadline. Prior to submitting the hosting application form, NTU faculty should conduct an interview to ensure that the English proficiency of applicant is sufficient to carry out postgraduate research at NTU.

EEE Graduate Students Club (GSC) is a student led club which provides a platform for EEE graduate community to interact, engage, and integrate. Students can find out more about GSC here.

The student will receive a certificate upon the successful completion of the programme.

For any enquiries, please fill up this form.

• Open to overseas postgraduate students who are currently pursuing a PhD or Master's Degree in a reputable university.

• Applicants must be enrolled in his/her home university pursuing their studies throughout the entire duration of this Programme. 

• A minimum 6-month attachment is required.

• Applicants must have good academic grades and publication(s) record.

• There should be relevancy/suitability of the applicant’s PhD/Master project in his/her home university and the proposed NG research project in NTU. The home university supervisor must agree with the NG research project that will be carried out at NTU EEE.

• The intended NG research must be part of the student’s degree requirements and endorsed by the home university and approved by NTU EEE.
• All full-time international students must hold a valid Student's Pass (STP) issued by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore for their stay at NTU. The STP requires a non-refundable processing fee of S$30, an issuance fee of S$60 and a multi-journey fee (if applicable) of S$30.

• The NG applicant who is successfully enrolled to the Non-Graduating Research Programme is required to pay NG registration fees, research fees and miscellaneous fees (full time).

Miscellaneous fees are chargeable per semester and subject to revision every academic year. Please click 
here to find the latest rate.

NG Registration FeeS$ 151 (Non-Refundable) 
 1 SEMESTER (for 6 Months)2 SEMESTERS (for 12 Months)
Research FeesS$ 2271*S$ 4542*
Miscellaneous Fees
(full- time)
Estimated S$ 250.72*
(for 6 Months)
Estimated S$ 501.44*
(for 12 Months)
*There are no pro-rated fees if your research period is less than 1 semester.