Published on 02 Oct 2023

SCSE graduate Dr Emadeldeen Eldele received the 3rd Prize in the 2023 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Prize Paper Award

Dr Emadeldeen Eldele (left), a graduate of SCSE, under the supervision of Assoc Prof Kwoh Chee-Keong (right), has been honoured with the 3rd Prize in the 2023 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Engineering in Medicine and Biology Prize Paper Award, following a rigorous nomination and selection process.

Their paper, titled “An Attention-Based Deep Learning Approach for Sleep Stage Classification With Single-Channel EEG” has been cited 221 times and has significantly influenced researchers in the field since its publication in 2021. The paper introduced a novel framework that effectively and computationally efficiently classifies sleep stages using single-channel EEG signals.

The IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society, the world's largest international biomedical society, bestows these awards to recognize exceptional contributions to research and their profound impact on the field.