Published on 13 Jun 2021

Congratulations to Prof Yang Yaowen on the award of HDB Grant

Project Title: Proof-Of-Concept, Proof-Of-Value And Test-Bedding In Smart Integrated Construction System (Phase 2)

Smart Integrated Construction System

In Singapore, construction industry at present still lacks process standardisation, effective tracking, communication, data sharing and transmissions between various construction processes and stages (especially between upstream design phase & downstream construction supply chains), which may lead to a missed opportunity in further optimisation of construction productivity. This project aims at developing a Smart Integrated Construction System (SICS) that synergises various construction processes with better data and information sharing through a centralised platform, complemented with other smart construction technologies, i.e., supply inventory management etc to facilitate further integration and optimisation of construction processes and manpower utilisation.

In Phase 1 of this project, two main modules, i.e. Integrated Building Information System (IBIS) as the centralised platform and Smart Tracking System (STS) for construction materials have been successfully developed, demonstrating the applicability and feasibility leading to potential improvement of overall construction productivity. In continuation of Phase 1, Phase 2 on test bedding of the developed SICS, which will be conducted in a typical HDB project.