Published on 20 Apr 2021

A Sustainable Bio-platform for High Quality Microbial Protein Production

Principle Investigator: Assoc Prof Zhou Yan

This project is triggered by the vast global demand for food in the future and cost-intensive treatment of food wastes.

In this context, this project provides a roadmap for converting waste to food through collaboration between academic and industry sectors. The creation of a modular production platform for microbial protein will be a strong economic driving force in the food industry as the bio-platform can produce new and reliable products meeting the demand of Singapore, and improve biomass yield and productivity.

In addition, waste valorization is an economically and environmentally sustainable option as it reduces the cost of food production and eases environmental issues (e.g. reusing waste, reducing greenhouse gas emission and improving water quality).

Our project will empower food companies in Singapore and the Asian region by providing a sustainable alternative protein source for their products in a price-competitive manner and supports the local aquaculture industry by providing locally grown feed ingredients for their business.