Hosted Seminars



11 September 2020
​Critical properties of the Anderson transition through the looking-glass of the CBS and CFS peaks
by Prof. Christian Miniatura
28 August 2020
SLM-programmable Optical Imaging and Tunable Diffractive Lenses for Biomedical Research
by Prof. Monika Ritsch-Marte
14 August 2020
High power polidp-state & Fiber Laser R&D in DSO National Laboratories
by Dr. Lai Kin Seng
17 July 2020
Biomimetic Optoelectronics with Nanostructures
by Prof. Zhiyong Fan
3 July 2020
Programmable Quantum Interference between Two Superconducting Cavities
by Prof. Yvonne Gao
26 June 2020
Physics and Application of Mesoscopic Optics
by Prof. Hui Cao
8 June 2020
Topological non-Hermitian Origin of Surface Electromagnetic and Acoustic Waves
by Prof. Konstantin Bliokh
5 June 2020
Gravitational Waves Detection - the VIRGO Interferometer
by Prof. Margherita Turconi
29 May 2020
A Quantum Communication Network with Bright Laser Beams
by Prof. Ping Koy Lam
15 May 2020
Quantum Field Thermal Machines
by Prof. Nelly Ng
30 April 2020
Quantum Cascade Laser Combs for Spectroscopy and Sensing
by Prof. Jerome Faist
17 April 2020
Synthetic Quantum Hall System with Ultracold Dysprosium Atoms
by Prof. Sylvain Nascimbene
10 April 2020
Bulk-edge Correspondence in Topological Materials -- Emergence of Surface States Beyond de Chiral Ones
by Prof. Mark Oliver Goerbig


10 December 2019
Light Propagation Beyond Standard Optics in a Uniform-density Polarizable Medium​
by Prof. Janne Ruostekoski
2 December 2019
Present and Future Trends in Metasurface Antennas​
by Prof. Stefano Maci
28 November 2019
Two-dimensional Monoelemental Materials Beyond Graphene​
by Prof. Zdeněk Sofer
28 November 2019
Size Controlled Silicon QDs: Basic Properties & Optoelectronic Applications​
by Prof. Margit Zacharias
14 November 2019
A Fully Error-corrected Logical Quantum Bit Encoded in Grid States of a Superconducting Cavity​
by Dr. Steven Touzard
9 September 2019
Recent Advances in Van Der Waals Heterostructure-based Spintronics​
by Prof. Stephan Roche
22 July 2019
Novel Photonics for Optical Beam Steering and Novel 3D Fabrication Toward Complex Metamaterials​
by Dr. Josué J. López
18 March 2019
Quantum Control of Ultracold Dipolar Molecules​
by Prof. Huanqian Loh
25 February 2019
Novel Types of Nodal-loop Metals​
by Prof. Shengyuan Yang
17 January 2019
Dark Resonance Fringes and Dressed Matter-waves: Quantum Technologies from Atomic Physics​
by Prof. Thomas Zanon-Willette


  28 November 2018
Resonant chemical processes (laser photochemistry)​


by Prof. Boris Lukiyanchuk - 

link​ | slides​

16 November 2018
Vapor plasma processes (laser plasma chemistry)


by Prof. Boris Lukiyanchuk

link​ | slides​

 12 November 2018
Resonant physical processes (nonlinear optics)


by Prof. Boris Lukiyanchuk

link​ | slides​

29 October 2018
Nonresonant chemical processes (laser thermo-chemistry) 


by Prof. Boris Lukiyanchuk


22 October 2018
Plasmonics and nanophotonics


by Prof. Boris Lukiyanchuk


15 October 2018
Nonresonant Physical Processes


by Prof. Boris Lukiyanchuk 


25 April 2018
Breaking Reciprocity and Time-Reversal Symmetry with Metamaterials


by Prof. Andrea Alù


20 April 2018
Nanostructures for Green Photonics


by Prof. Dieter Bimberg 




25 September 2017
Static and Dynamic Characteristics of InAs/InP Quantum Dot Lasers and Amplifiers
by Prof. Gadi Eisenstein - link​
18 September 2017
Quantum Coherent Effects in Room Temperature Quantum Dot Optical Amplifiers
by Prof. Gadi Eisenstein - link
15 September 2017
Nonlinear properties of InGaP dispersion engineered photonic crystal waveguides
by Prof. Gadi Eisenstein - link
14 September 2017
Replacing Metals with Alternative Materials for Mid-IR to THz Plasmonics and Metamaterials – Does It Make Sense?
by Prof. Jacob. B. Khurgin - link
  04 September 2017
Optically sensitive devices based on dielectric stacks with embedded metal nano-particles for memories, detectors, varactors and negative conductance devices
by Prof. Gadi Eisenstein - link
 04 August 2017
Some Novel Science and Applications in the Field of Nanophotonics
by Prof. Marin Soljačić - link
 28 July 2017
Semiconductor-Superconductor Hybrid Devices
by Prof. Alex Hayat - link​
 21 June 2017
The DNA Origami Route for Active Nanoplasmonics
by Prof. Laura Na Liu - link
21 June 2017
Active Plasmonic Devices: Nanoscopic Dynamics
by Prof. Harald Giessen - link
15 March 2017
Plasmonic Metasurface for Photonic Applications in Demand
by Prof. Din Ping Tsai - link​​​
15 March 2017
Chip-integrated coherent photonic-phononic processing
by Prof. Benjamin J. Eggleton - link​


25 July 2016
Sustainable Plasmonics and Plasmonics for Sustainability
by Prof. Naomi J. Halas -- link
25 July 2016
Quantum Plasmonics and Hot Carrier Induced Processes
by Prof. Peter Nordlander -- link
13 April 2016
Optical curl forces and beyond
by Prof. Sir Michael Berry -- link
12 April 2016
The maggot in the apple: peaceful coexistence of incompatible theories

by Prof. Sir Michael Berry -- link

18 February 2016
All-dielectric resonant nanophotonics and metasurfaces
by Prof. Yuri Kivshar  --  link
18 February 2016
Photonic contributions to quantum technology
by Prof. Sir Peter Knight FRS  --  link​


3 December 2015
Photorefractive soliton waveguiding
by Prof. Eugenio Fazio - link
2 December 2015
Biomorphism and electromagnetic signaling in biological structures
by Prof. Eugenio Fazio - link
1 December 2015
The perfect lens and manipulating light on the nanoscale
by Prof. Sir John Pendry - link
13 November 2015
Plasmonics with semiconductors: from exotic science to working devices
by Prof. Meir Orenstein - link
13 November 2015
Time scale dependent carrier and gain nonlinearities in quantum dot lasers and amplifiers
by Prof. Gadi Eisenstein - link
12 November 2015
Light, Energy and the Internet
by Prof. David A. B. Miller - link​
11 November 2015
Arbitrary self-configuring optics with silicon photonics
by Prof. David A. B. Miller - link
30 October 2015
Fundamental scaling laws & light-matter enhanced nanophotonic devices
by Prof. Volker Sorger - link
30 June 2015
Merging micro- and nano-optics


by Prof. Harald Giessen - link​




14 November 2014
Metamaterial analog computing
by Dr. Alexandre Silva - link​
5 November 2014
Coherent Control in Metamaterials for Deviceand System Applications
by Dr. Kevin F MacDonald - link
28-29 October 2014
Photonics Lectures by Prof Nader Engheta
by Prof. Nader Engheta - link
26-27 May 2014
Sharing session with Vg Prof Federico Capasso
by Prof. Federico Capasso - link
15 April 2014
Photo-excitation mechanism and application of the bio-organic interface
by Prof. Guglielmo Lanzani - link
31 March 2014
When disorder is just right: A lecture on complexity-driven photonics
by Prof. Andrea Fratalocchi - link
30 January 2014
Broadly tunable Watt-level femtosecond soliton-seeded optical parametric amplifier in the near- and mid-infrared
by Prof. Harald Giessen - link​


20 November 2013
Quantum optics with semiconductors: polariton quantum fluids and single photon sources
by Prof. Alberto Bramati - link
15 November 2013
Controlling leakage currents in molecular electronic devices
by Prof. Christian A. Nijhuis - link​
28 October 2013
Plasmonic vibrational spectroscopy
by Prof. Harald Giessen - link
09 September 2013
Ultrafast plasmon dynamics of heavily-doped semiconductor nanocrystals
by Prof. Francesco Scotognella - link​
13 and 15 August 2013
3D chiral, nonreciprocal and nonlinear plasmonics - towards complex plasmonic applications
by Prof. Harald Giessen - link
09 July 2013
Nanophotonics technology and applications
by Prof. Shaya Fainman - link
08 July 2013
Publishing physics in Science magazine
by Dr. Ian Osborne - link​
05 July 2013
Nonlinear optical phononics: Harnessing sound and light in nonlinear nanoscale circuits
by Prof. Benjamin Eggleton - link
20 Mar 2013
Towards Light Bullets in Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
by Prof. Massimo Giudici - link
01 Feb 2013
Optical Integrated Circuits based on Exciton-Polaritons
by Prof. Alexey Kavokin - link
29 and 31 Jan 2013
Nonlinear Photonic Crystals and their applications for Optical Signal Processing
by Dr. Alfredo De Rossi and Prof. Xavier Checoury - link
15 Jan 2013
Nano-FTIR: Infrared Spectroscopic Chemical Identification of Materials at Nanoscale
by Dr. Andy Huber - link​


19 December 2012
Towards Integrated Optics at the Nanoscale: Examples of Quantum Nanodevices
by Prof. Christophe Couteau - link
20 September 2012
Fibre Amplifiers, the Fiberglass Web and the Optical Moore’s Law 
by Prof. Emmanuel Desurvire - link​