Leave Application

1. Short Leave of Absence

Students must seek the School’s approval for short leave of absence if they cannot attend classes on the following occasions:

  • On days when there are laboratory sessions.
  • On days when quizzes or tests are conducted during classes
  • On any occasion during the professional internship – students must submit leave application or medical certificate via the online internship system, InPlace.​
  • On any other occasions, the tutor(s) or lecturer(s) has the rights to deem the students' attendance as compulsory.

Please submit via online application to apply for short leave of absence (e.g. medical, compassionate and others). You will be notified via email if the application is approved or rejected.​ Please adhere to stipulated timeline. Read details of Short Leave of Absence here.

Important points to take note:

  • Students MUST attempt all assessment (physical or online) unless they have valid leave of absence (LOA). Absentees without valid LOA will be awarded ‘0’. There will be no make-up assessment (unless otherwise informed by course instructors)

2. Semester Leave of Absence

Please refer to this website for details on applying for Semester Leave of Absence.​​​​​​​