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Your career journey supported from freshman through graduation.


Internship, job opportunities, and career resources as well as pathways for students in one dedicated portal.

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Tap into a wealth of experience, knowledge, and support.

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Tap into a variety of resources for students from various specializations to gain practical and relevant training through workshops, toolkits, partnerships and events.

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Dedicated to the career excellence and development of business students


As the only school in NTU with its own dedicated careers team, NBS Academy for Career Excellence (ACE) comprises a diverse team of recruitment experts whose mission is to support business students with career development, networking, internships and full-time employment opportunities with premium employers.




Build relationships.

  • Invest your time to expand your professional network through LinkedIn
  • Join webinars, both local and global
  • Sign up for one of our mentoring programmes
  • Follow up with recruiters, seniors CCA friends, and contacts whom you connected with in the past

Learn continuously.

There is an array of learning to indulge in. For instance, you can:

  • Take an online course on anything that interests you.
  • Learn a third or fourth language not offered at NTU
  • Sharpen your storytelling skills
  • Join our career webinars conducted by esteemed alumni
  • Polish your networking skills by joining our soft skills career workshops

Understand and empathize.

Even though Covid-19 has passed, the need for empathy and societal awareness is a profound need as many communities, industries and lives have been significantly impacted by the effects of Covid-19 and lately economic upheaval, natural disasters and the war in Ukraine. As Undergraduates pursue their studies  and career aspirations, it is important to understand and empathize with the plight of others and strive to support those in need by volunteering and leading causes.

Expect exciting challenges.

These unprecedented times have allowed many dreams and ideas to flourish. You can sign up for a case competition, hackathon, or an employer’s idea forum. You can even code a new app. In fact, we know many young people who turned their boredom into creativity and became bakers or started a food catering business. So, be open, keep on challenging yourselves, and you will become a more adaptable, resilient undergraduate.