Published on 30 Apr 2021

Derwin Pereira offers scholarship at Nanyang Business School

In April 2021, Mr Derwin Pereira, Founder and CEO of Pereira International, launched the Derwin Pereira Scholarship at Nanyang Business School (NBS), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU).

Starting in Academic Year 2021/22, the Derwin Pereira Scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding student pursuing a full-time degree at NBS. The merit-based scholarship aims to recognise excellence in academic performance and scholastic achievements of tomorrow’s emerging business leaders.

The selected student will receive a one-time scholarship in support of their tuition fees and living expenses.

The Singapore government will match Mr Pereira’s gift with a matching grant towards the NTU General Endowment Fund to support the University in the advancement of undergraduate and post-graduate education.


About Derwin Pereira 

Derwin Pereira is founder and CEO of Pereira International, a Singapore-based strategic advisory on Asia with a focus on Southeast Asia. He served as The Straits Times’ Bureau Chief in Indonesia and the United States.

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About Nanyang Business School

Consistently ranked among the world’s premier business schools, Nanyang Business School (NBS) has been nurturing leaders for business and public service, advancing global management knowledge and practice for over 50 years. Being fully integrated into Nanyang Technological University, we draw on the strengths of one of Asia’s most comprehensive research-intensive universities to provide holistic, interdisciplinary business education. NBS believe that responsible and culturally sensitive leadership in business and government is crucial to securing a sustainable future for a globalized world. Through teaching and research, NBS grooms culturally intelligent leaders who pursue lasting success that seeks not only economic profit, but also the interests of the community and environment.

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