Your Career Journey



The competitive nature of today's job market means that qualified applicants like yourself are pitted against many others in the search for employment. Education qualifications alone can no longer guarantee career success.

Standing out from the crowd will help you enter a career that fits your personality. A mix of hard and soft skills ensures the ability to survive and thrive in your chosen field.

CSO is here to translate your NBS experience into the right job fit amidst a constantly changing and evolving corporate landscape. We will ensure you get the best start in your career journey.

Our mission is to see our students fully engaged with their career exploration in a manner that enhances their undergraduate experience. For us, a combination of a quality education and positive career development will help you fulfil your aspirations and contribute to society.

We offer a wide variety of services to help you navigate your way through your career. Thoughtfully created, these offerings will benefit you from the moment you enrol in NBS, right through your final year.

This roadmap represents a general guide for students during their academic journey in Nanyang Business School.

You may register for the various career services, resources, and support activities at any time, depending on your personal needs and wants.

NBS Career Guide 2021

Every year we compile and update our Career Guide for our students. It is a comprehensive booklet containing everything you need to know from the moment you step foot into NBS to the time when you prepare for your journey ahead.

Here are the chapters and topics covered, with relevant page numbers. Download the guide today.



About Career Services & You

1. A Message for Our Students

2. Our Students

6. NBS - Reinventing, Rebuilding and Evolving

8. Planning Ahead: A Step-By-Step Guide

10. Why You Should Do an Internship in Your First Year

11. Making Career Services Work for You

12. Getting to Know NBS Career Services Office (CSO)

13. How CSO Responded Agilely During VUCA

14. 10 Common Questions Students Ask Us

15. Specializations and Your Career

20. Exercising Moral Integrity

A Taste of the Working World

21. Industry Ins and Outs

29. Exploring the World

50. Work Study Programme (WSP)

52. International Trading Programme (ITP)

54. Global Internships

58. Excelling Through Mentorship

61. NBS Mentoring Programme

65. Entrepreneurship in NBS

Your Action Plan

74. The Future of Work and the Skills Required

76. Resume Writing 

80. How to Write Effective Cover Letters

82. How to Write a Professional Email

86. What to Expect in Job Interviews

88. Dealing with Live Video Interviews

90. How to Succeed at Assessment Centres

92. Dress Your Way to Success

NBS Alumni

95. Alumni Affairs Office

95. Presenting Our Distinguished Alumni


Jobs and Internships

106. Jobs and Internships