About Us

CSO IS a dedicated team of specialists committed to helping undergraduates of Nanyang Business School define their career goals, and thereafter map a path to achieving those objectives.

Through our courses, workshops, and seminars, we can help you work out what careers best fit your skills, interests, and values, and instil you with knowledge and skills to help nail that job interview.

Working closely with top recruiters in Singapore and beyond, we can also advise on the latest internship opportunities, job openings, and employment trends.



Making Career services Work For You

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Many NBS students go through three to four years of university without ever setting foot in the Career Services office or engaging with the CSO team. Yet, outside of curriculum time, many students spend numerous hours seeking internship and job opportunities that may be available exclusively through NBS.

The mission of NBS Undergraduate career services is to impart skillsets and offer services that will facilitate your career development and job search process. This ranges from assessing your abilities to handling job offers. Don't overlook this opportunity; it could mean passing up the job of a lifetime. Together with Career Services, you can achieve your dream job.


Develop Relationships

Find a career adviser and get to know him or her. Aim to meet your adviser at least several times throughout your career development process. Appointments are a great way to stay motivated and accomplish career-related tasks.

Our career advisers will listen to your concerns and give objective advice. You can always bounce ideas off them, which will help you think through your options. Furthermore, when specific job opportunities come in, career advisers can alert students who they know well, and think might be a good fit for the position.

Remember, the more you share about your skills and your goals with the adviser, the more they will be able to assist you. 

Attend Events

We spend the bulk of our time planning events with you in mind. A few examples that students have found particularly useful are mock interview days, networking events, resume workshops, and career talks. Given that there may be a number of programmes going on that may be beneficial for you at any point in time, make sure that you keep up-to-date by logging in to CareerFIT or checking your email regularly. Finally, as you attend programmes, ask thoughtful questions to make the most of what you are learning.

Don't Be a Stranger

Your relationship with CSO does not have to end on your convocation day. We offer services for alumni similar to those for students. If you have not found a job or even formed a plan by graduation, you are still able to meet with our career advisers, use CareerFIT, and attend events.

Make a Connection

Throughout the year, we organise networking events to bring employers and undergraduates together, where students can bring along their resumes.

Remember, networking is more than just a firm handshake, introducing yourself, and being seen. It is an integral part of any job search process. You need to develop a clear presence that is relevant and compelling to the people who are making the hiring decisions.

At NBS, you are trained to build a personal brand based on an authentic character proposition that differentiates you from your peers. This happens as early as their first year, where we share with you basic tips for them to stand out from the clutter.

For instance: Have your business cards with you at all times in your left pocket. Keep the cards that you collect in your right pocket. It is very unprofessional to fumble through a pile of cards trying to find your own.

Also, know who you are, and be comfortable describing yourself.

"It is nice to meet you. I'm Chang Shui of NBS. I am a double-degree student, and my career interest lies in management consulting."

Or "How do you do? I am Iris Chua and I lead the HR Consulting Club in NBS Our club organises mega competitions twice a year."

Be sure to introduce yourself in a confident and calm manner. You want others to ask you questions and you want to be remembered.

Finally, always have appropriate conversation starters. You can do so by staying up-to-date on current affairs. This way, you would still be able to keep the conversation flowing after the introduction. Do note that it is wise to avoid discussing politics and religion.