NBS Undergraduate Career Services

Our True BLUE Mission For Our Students


The colour BLUE was the universal colour to represent the front-line workers, who tirelessly continue to fight the coronavirus in 2020 locally and globally.

In the same vein, as we will continuously fight and journey forward in these unchartered times, we urge you to be a true BLUE.


Build relationships.

There is a wide variety of efforts you can make to engage with individuals. Invest your time to expand your professional network through LinkedIn, join webinars local and global, sign up to be a mentee in our mentoring programmes (Mentors ROCK!; Mentors Fresh!; Senior Alumni Career Mentoring and Harvard Business Club Alumni Mentoring). Follow up with recruiters, seniors CCA friends and contacts whom you connected with in the past.

Learn continuously.

There is an array of learning to indulge in. You can take an online course on anything that interests you. You can learn a third or fourth language not offered at NTU. sharpen your story telling skills, join our Careers webinars conducted by esteemed alumni or polish your networking skills by joining our soft skills career workshops.

Understand and empathise.

The global pandemic made us slow down. You came to understand that you could impact another life through a decision as simple as choosing to stay home to protect the vulnerable folk. Society became kinder as people empathised and thought of others rather than themselves only - like raising funds for the migrant workers or volunteering to tutor needy students. Develop empathy and you will find you can manage people better.

Expect exciting challenges.

These unprecedented times have allowed many dreams and ideas to flourish. You can sign up for a case competition, hackathon, or idea forum which employers organise. I know many young people who became bakers or started a food catering business because they turned their boredom into creativity. Some of you could have coded a new app. Be open, keep on challenging yourselves, and you will be an adaptable and resilient graduate.