The NBS Advantage

Part of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), Nanyang Business School (NBS)  combines first-class research with an internationally recognised business and management education.

Our interdisciplinary, holistic approach – where core technical courses are taught by NTU domain experts – enables you to examine today’s key business issues, from digitalisation to climate change and technopreneurship.

At our vibrant campus in a truly global, interconnected city, advanced business methods intersect with the latest science and technology. With NBS, you can be future-ready, wherever tomorrow takes you.

With the NBS Advantage, you can:

At NBS, we believe that not everything is set in stone. That’s why, our undergraduate programmes give you flexibility in terms of duration, disciplines, minors, and majors.

You can study three years for a renowned accounting or business degree, or go the extra mile for a much sought-after double degree in as little as four years.

In addition, you can read a second minor/major in a number of specialisations, such as entrepreneurship, international trading, and data analytics, to name just a few.

Accredited by the world’s top professional accounting and business school bodies, our customisable degree programmes are also highly recognised the world over.

Thanks to technological advances, the way we live, learn, work, and play today is constantly changing. So how can you be future ready for tomorrow’s workplace?

Being tech-savvy can help. That’s why, we integrate the latest in digital technology into our programmes and invite NTU professors to share their domain expertise.

Our core courses therefore include cutting-edge digital and data analytics components, including AI, machine learning, blockchain, and data visualisation.

With a host of computer and data science minor and major subjects to choose from, an NBS degree or double degree is one sure way to future-proof yourself.

Thanks to our close industry ties, a world of internship, mentoring, and networking opportunities awaits, across every field, from finance to engineering and logistics.

Whether it’s here in Singapore or overseas, you can grow your professional network and explore different career opportunities from day one.

You can also gain real-world, hands-on experience by embarking on a 35-week work-study internship, in addition to your undergraduate course.

Equipped with essential business and entrepreneurial skills, you will give yourself a competitive edge in the job market – even before you graduate.

Being an NBS undergraduate goes far beyond mere coursework, lectures, and grades. For us, it’s also about maturing and growing, personally and professionally.

With our truly holistic approach to education, you can also develop your leadership potential, hone your problem-solving ability, and give back to the community.

In addition, you can forge lifelong friendships and wonderful memories with your fellow undergraduates by joining the school’s many clubs and societies.

In fact, with our unique themed halls of residence and beautiful, lush campus at NTU, life at NBS is as rich and varied as you make it.

Our expert recruitment team will help to map your career journey, build your professional network, and land roles that best fit your skills, interests, and values.

Through our workshops, seminars, and one-on-one  coaching, you’ll learn how to perfect your resume, stand out from the crowd, and nail that all-important interview.

You can also tap into our vast global alumni (of more than 56,000) and close ties with our industry partners for mentoring, internships, and employment opportunities.