Published on 31 May 2021

Looking at NTU through an alumnus’ lens

A passionate young photographer who aims to never put his camera down, alumnus Steve Jin Dongping (SSS/2021) frequently visits his alma mater in the hope of capturing the perfect shot.

By Sean Shagaran

Seeing photography as the best way for him to observe, experience and even enjoy life, recent NTU CoHASS graduate Steve Jin Dongping has always strived to incorporate it in all aspects of his everyday life.

Taking time from his busy schedule, Steve, who is currently a Financial Product Manager at China Construction Bank, pays frequent visits to his alma mater. Always accompanied by his trusty cameras (a Canon EOS 5DS and his iPhone X), Steve spends hours exploring NTU’s grounds in search of the most exquisite and breathtaking scenery to photograph.

Drawing creative inspiration from the combination of the design of some of NTU’s most iconic buildings, and their appearance under varying weather conditions, Steve firmly believes that they are all individually worth shooting in different ways. “Whether it is Graduate Hall 2 shrouded in morning fog, the Hive at dusk or even under a supermoon, every building at NTU is beautiful.”

“My favourite NTU building would have to be the Hive. I was and still am impressed by its aesthetic design which makes it a very versatile building to shoot,” he said.

Hive - Collage 1A modern marvel of architecture, the Hive is one of NTU’s most uniquely designed buildings and a hotspot for photographers.

Yunan Garden & Nanyang Lake - Collage 2Yunnan Garden boasts a vast space of greenery and waterscapes, including the Nanyang Lake.