Published on 19 Aug 2019

​Flutter of sci-art in NTU's campus


A swarm of magenta and purple "butterflies" has descended on the lush green campus of Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Taking the form of an infinity-shaped loop, the 4.5m-tall sci-art sculpture comprises 1,200 aluminium "butterfly wings" mounted on an aluminium frame.

The kinetic sculpture, Loop, which was unveiled yesterday, imitates the fluttering of butterflies when wind passes through it.

Displayed at the Arc, NTU's learning hub, the sculpture is named after the Mobius loop, a one-sided surface with only one boundary in mathematical concepts.

It was designed by students Kerin Ng, Ker Ziyi and Jassmine Ng from the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) at NTU, and developed under the supervision of Professor Fabrizio Galli, visiting artist and former faculty member of ADM.

The fabrication of Loop was made possible by a gift from the late Dr John and Mrs Dorothy Cheung, former faculty members of NTU.

Loop is the latest addition to NTU's Campus Art Trail, which now consists of more than 50 artworks all over the campus, including those located at the National Institute of Education.

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