Heads of Administrative Departments

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ms TAN Aik Na
Senior Vice President (Administration)
Email: SVPAdmin@ntu.edu.sg

Ms LIEN Siaou-Sze
Vice President (University Advancement)
E-mail: VPAdvancement@ntu.edu.sg

Alphabetically by last name:
Mr Paul CHAIN Shau Woo

Chief Executive Officer, NTU Development & Facilities Management
E-mail: ceo-odfm@ntu.edu.sg   

Mr CHAN Wei Chuen
E-mail: registrar@ntu.edu.sg

Mr Gregory CHEW
General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer
Email: d-lso@ntu.edu.sg

Mr Alvin CHIN
Head, Housing and Auxiliary Services
E-mail: chao@ntu.edu.sg

Dr Vivien CHIONG
Chief Communication Officer
E-mail: d-ccomms@ntu.edu.sg

Mr CHUA Buck Cheng
Director, Events Office

Prof FUNG Tat Ching
Director, Research Support Office (RSO) 
Email: Dir-RSO@ntu.edu.sg

Dr GOH Chin Foo
Chief Health, Safety and Emergency Officer
E-mail: chso@ntu.edu.sg

Prof Michael KHOR
Director, Talent Recruitment And Career Support (TRACS) Office and Bibliometrics Analysis
E-mail: D-TRACS@ntu.edu.sg

Ms Michelle LIM
Director, Internal Audit Office
E-mail: head-ia@ntu.edu.sg

Mr Alvin ONG
Chief Information Officer
E-mail: cio@ntu.edu.sg

Mr ONG Eng Hock
Chief Financial Officer  
E-mail: cfo@ntu.edu.sg

Ms Melanie PHUA
Head, NTU Shared Services
E-mail: head-nss@ntu.edu.sg

Ms Esther QUEK
Chief Human Resource Officer
E-mail: chro@ntu.edu.sg 

Ms TAN Sin Mui
Chief Investment Officer
E-mail: cinvo@ntu.edu.sg