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Minor in Sociology

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Minor in Sociology

Students taking up sociology as a minor are encouraged to read subjects which complement their interests and open up new intellectual horizons.

A minor in sociology must complete five Sociology courses including one compulsory course (HS1001).  All five courses must be registered as electives.

Students are required to achieve at least a "C" grade or better in HS1001 Person and Society to continue in the Sociology Minor. Students are also required to maintain a GPA of "C for their Sociology subjects to graduate with a Minor in Sociology.

HS1001 Person and Society

HS1002 Singapore Society in Transition

HS1003 Singapore Problems in A Global Context

HS2001 Classical Social Theory

HS2002 Doing Social Research

HS2003 Economy and Society

HS2004 Culture, Self and Identity

HS2005 Organisations and Organisational Change

HS2007 Understanding Globalization

HS2008 Social Class and Inequality

HS2009 Sociology of The Life Course

HS2011 Ethnicity and Ethnic Relations

HS2013 Migration and Multiculturalism

HS2014 The Changing Family

HS2015 Education and Society

HS2019 Sociology of Science and Technology

HS2020 Gender, Race and Technology

HS2022 Population and Society

HS2023 Environmental Sociology

HS2026 Deviance and Society

HS2028 Graying Society: Issues and Challenges

HS2029 Social Policy and Social Change

HS3001 Contemporary Social Theory

HS3002 Understanding Social Statistics

HS3004 Cities and Urban Life

HS3007 Religion and Society

HS3011 Power, Politics and The State

HS3014 Health, Medicine and Society

HS3015 Development and Social Change

HS3016 Societies in Comparative Perspective

HS3017 Sociology of Tourism

HS3018 Sociology of Gender

HS3054 Social Psychology