NTU Psychology Society

The NTU Psychology Society aims to provide support for Psychology majors in NTU and to make their stay in NTU a more exciting one. To do so, the Society surveys Psychology students every year to find out about the students' needs and preferences. Over the past 2 years, the Society has identified students' concerns about career prospects and has thus organised career talks so as to give students a better understanding of what they can do with a degree in Psychology.

The Society looks forward to collaborating with other tertiary institutes so as to encourage mutual learning and improvement.

NTU Psychology Society Instagram page: https://instagram.com/ntupsychsoc?igshid=15smrav1c3g0 
NTU Psychology Society Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NTUpsych


The Society has also organised dialogue sessions with the Psychology Programme Head, providing a platform for students to voice their opinions regarding course registration, timetables and Psychology in NTU in general. Student welfare is also a focus of the Society.

Examination Welfare Day has been organised over the last 2 years, where students get together and are given essentials to help them tide through the stressful period during examination preparation.

Another event highlight is the annual Psychology Freshmen Orientation Camp organised by the Society, which helps the incoming Psychology majors to know one another better and to enable them to have support that they need while adjusting to life in NTU.