Published on 11 Apr 2022

Psychology professors secure TL@NTU BCSP grants

Congratulations to Professor Annabel Chen, Associate Professor Xu Hong and Associate Professor Catherine Wan on being awarded grants under the TL@NTU Behavioural and Communication Science Programme (BCSP)! 

Below is the list of their respective research projects:

Principal InvestigatorProject Title

Prof Annabel Chen
(with Asst Prof Olivia Choy and Dr Dominique Makowski)

Cognitive, Neural and Social Factors involved in the Perception of Real vs. Fake Information
Assoc Prof Xu HongFactors Affecting Perception and Judgement of Trustworthiness
Assoc Prof Catherine WanGenerational and Ethnic Versions of the National Story: Story Transmission and Identity Consequence 


Photo: Josh Riemer on Unsplash