Published on 06 Aug 2022

National Day special: 'Home' revisited – an increasingly chaotic world prompts a rethink of where one belongs


The events of recent years, including the rise of identity politics around the world and the COVID-19 pandemic, have forced many to rethink what "home" means. Experts said that migrant movement, or the lack thereof, during the pandemic was often divided according to class. 

Assoc Prof Laavanya Kathiravelu at NTU’s School of Social Sciences, said that while many were concerned about family members back home and wished to move closer to them, not many could afford to do so. “This choice to move back to countries of origin was also only available to some, usually highly skilled migrants who had savings to fall back on and the possibility of getting a job in a different location,” said Assoc Prof Kathiravelu.
- similar article in CNA Online, 8 Aug

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Photo: Bing Hui Yau / Unsplash