Published on 29 Aug 2021

Geriatric millennials: New micro-generation label - accurate or insulting?

The Sunday Times, page C2

The "geriatric millennial" label, introduced in April by American author Erica Dhawan on publishing platform Medium, describes a micro-generation that is comfortable with both analogue and digital forms of communication. 

Asst Prof Shannon Ang, who works in the sociology division at NTU, says that such labels have their pros and cons, but can quickly become reductionistic if people rely on them too much. He explains: “They are helpful as a springboard to understanding the impact of historical events and for population-level thinking, but not individual-level. They are unhelpful in the way they draw broad stereotypes, ignoring the heterogeneity within each generation, and making generational divides larger than they actually are.”

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Photo: Hannah Sibayan on Unsplash