Prof Luke Kang Kwong Kapathy
Chair, School of Social Sciences 
President’s Chair Professor in Linguistics​

Jennifer Cleland
Vice-Dean, Education
Assistant Dean, Assessment, LKCMedicine
Director, Medical Education Research and Scholarship Unit​ (MERSU), LKCMedicine 
Professor of Medical Education Research, LKCMedicine 

May Oo Lwin
Associate Dean (Special Projects), College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences
Director, NTU University Scholars Programme
Professor, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information

Helen Smith
Director, Centre for Primary Healthcare Research and Innovation, LKCMedicine
Professor of Family Medicine and Primary Care, LKCMedicine 

Lim Ni Eng
Assistant Professor, School of Humanities

Tanya tierney
Assistant Dean, Clinical Communication, LKCMedicine ​​
Honorary Senior Lecturer in Clinical Communication, Imperial College London 

Ritu Jain
Lecturer, School of Humanities
Rare Diseases Policy Advisor at the Skin Research Institute of Singapore, A*Star

Chitra Panchapakesan​
Dr Chitra Panchapakesan​ 
Post-Doctoral Fellow 

Ng Gim Thia
Research Associate ​

Email: [email protected]​​