Published on 20 Jan 2023

NTU welcomes Sungkyungkwan University!

In December, we hosted undergraduates and professors from Sungkyungkwan University in Korea. During this visit, our philosophy students exchanged philosophical ideas, learning and teaching practices and the way our respective programs operated. Students from Korea shared about their philosophy which gave us an interesting perspective on the subject. Beyond academia, the students also exchanged ideas about how diverse their lives are in Singapore and Korea. NTU student ambassadors also shared information about post-graduate offerings with their philosophy counterparts and answered any questions they had regarding the way philosophy is taught in NTU.

It was a lovely cultural and academic exchange that shed light on how universities interact with each other beyond student exchanges. In an ever globalized world, learning how to communicate cross-culturally as well as understand and appreciate different cultures is paramount. Through this visit to NTU by our friends from SKKU, we were given the rare opportunity to form and strengthen cross-border connections and to experience the joys of international friendship. Such efforts to connect the students of both universities will only serve to develop further meaningful collaboration between the two communities.