NTU College of Science will be hosting an e-career talk for prospective students on 29 Jan 2022. The talk will feature alumni and professors from its 4 Schools to provide insights into a career with science.

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Event Programme

Asian School of the Environment (ASE)
10.00 am – 10.30 amSharing Session

Speakers: Chua Song Lin, Deborah Loke Wai Yee & Ghayathiri Sondarajan

Hosts: Asst Prof Joyce Ong & Dr Shawn Lum

10.30 am – 10.50 amQ&A
School of Biological Sciences (SBS) 
11.00 am – 11.30 amSharing Session

Speakers: Glendon Phua Zhi Ming, Ho Chin Ee & Ivan Heng Deng Qing

Host: Asst Prof Marek Mutwil

11.30 am – 11.50 amQ&A
School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (CCEB)* 
1.00 pm – 1.30 pmSharing Session

Speakers: Glory Wu Guoyi, Karen Chai Shi Hui & Kenneth Lai 

Hosts: Assoc Prof Tan Howe Siang, Dr Zhang Zhengyang

1.30 pm – 1.50 pmQ&A
School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS)
2.00 pm – 2.50 pmSharing Session

Speakers: Cheah Zhi Quan, Garen Kwan Yue Chau, Ho Hui Wen, Marcus Tee Guang Ying & Vanessa Chong Yue Er

Hosts: Assoc Prof Ng Keng Meng & Dr Ho Shen Yong

2.50 pm – 3.20 pmQ&A

*CCEB is a merger of the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering; and the Division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, formerly under the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. CCEB is jointly managed by the College of Engineering and College of Science.


Speakers: Chua Song Lin, Deborah Loke Wai Yee & Ghayathiri Sondarajan

Hosts: Asst Prof Joyce Ong & Dr Shawn Lum

Chua Song Lin, Class of 2020

Software Engineer (Geospatial & AI), Garuda Robotics

Song Lin is adventurous and driven. He is grateful that NTU has provided plenty of opportunities for him to explore his interests during his undergraduate years. He was given a chance to study glaciology in Russia, remote sensing in Canada, and interned in Shanghai where he helped foreign companies expand their businesses in China. He also founded an NGO (Non-Government Organization), Lens of Mekong, that conducts documentary workshops in Vietnam and explores a different topic each time, from saltwater intrusion into rice fields to illegal sand mining. These experiences affirmed Song Lin’s decision to become an entrepreneur in the future so that he can create maximum impact. With that goal in mind, he is investing his early career to build a strong technical foundation. Upon graduation from NTU, he taught himself artificial intelligence (AI) and software development. He now works in Garuda robotics where he integrates AI, geospatial and backend systems to create drone solutions and products.

Deborah Loke Wai Yee, Class of 2018

ESG Investment Analyst, UOB Asset Management

Deborah graduated from the Asian School of the Environment in 2018 with a degree in Environmental Earth Systems Science, specialising in Geosciences. In 2021, she joined UOB Asset Management as an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investment analyst. In her line of work, Deborah adds an ESG lens onto traditional fundamental investment analysis to inform her investment decisions. She also carries out research work in order to keep abreast of evolving sustainability issues, ESG trends and policies, as well as to ensure responsible investing. With the recent COP26, and increasing focus on climate change and the environment, Deborah’s background as an environmental science student helps to guide and complement her current work.

Ghayathiri Sondarajan, Class of 2019

Sustainability Associate, JLL

Upon graduating in 2019, Ghayathiri has had quite an adventure in her career journey. As a fresh graduate, she ventured into program management through her work in an environmental science enrichment start-up. During her exciting time there, she created and facilitated environmental science programs for audiences of all ages. She then decided to venture into the corporate world and took on a corporate communications role in an environmental science research company. 

With a growing interest in ESG, she joined JLL, a commercial real estate services MNC as part of their Global Sustainability team. In this role, she works on implementing global sustainability strategies on a regional and local level with a focus on the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. She also manages internal communications from the global team to the rest of the company. 



Speakers: Glendon Phua Zhi Ming, Ho Chin Ee & Ivan Heng Deng Qing

Host: Asst Prof Marek Mutwil

Glendon Phua Zhi Ming, Class of 2015

Educator (Biology/Project Work), Temasek Junior College

After graduating from the School of Biological Sciences in 2015, Glendon went on to teach at Temasek Junior College. He specialises in teaching biology and project work, and strongly believes in including real-life examples of science events into his daily lessons in order to help his students to better apply their knowledge beyond the walls of their classrooms. He is also immensely interested in the development of student leaders as he sees them to be the future problem solvers and leaders of our society. In order to help develop and mentor these students’ potential, Glendon has recently created a 6-year training curriculum for the CCA leaders within Temasek Junior College (TJC). 

Ho Chin Ee, Class of 2010

TCM Physician, Thomson Chinese Medicine Clinic 

Chin Ee has been a practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician ever since her graduation in 2010. She first joined Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution, a charity TCM organisation, before going on to obtain her TCM postgraduate degree in Beijing. After returning to Singapore, she joined Raffles Chinese Medicine before moving to her current position with Thomson Chinese Medicine Clinic. As TCM is based on the principle of holism, she attends to patients with a myriad of conditions. Currently, Chin Ee sees more patients who are seeking alternative and complementary support for fertility issues as well as children with common digestive and respiratory issues. She also assists with the daily operations of the clinic branches and raises publicity of TCM by conducting talks and publishing articles. Outside of clinical practice, Chin Ee is also an appointed member of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners’ Board, as well as the president of the Chinese Medicine Alumni Association. 

Ivan Heng Deng Qing, Class of 2018

Business Development Specialist, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson

Ivan has been a Sales & Marketing professional for 3.5 years, with a range of experience across Consumer Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals. He studied at NTU’s School of Biological Sciences, and since his graduation in 2018 he has been with two pharmaceutical giants. He was first with GlaxoSmithKline, and he is currently employed at Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a company of Johnson & Johnson. Ivan’s core focus has been within dermatology, and he helps to bring forth customised solutions to healthcare professionals that are tailored towards the needs of them and their patients. Aside from his job, Ivan is a coffee enthusiast and enjoys brewing his own coffee during his leisure time. 



Speakers: Glory Wu Guoyi, Karen Chai Shi Hui & Kenneth Lai

Hosts: Assoc Prof Tan Howe Siang & Dr Zhang Zhengyang

Glory Wu Guoyi, Class of 2016

Senior Associate, Shopee

Formerly the President of the 24th NTU Students' Union (NTUSU), Wu Guoyi graduated from NTU Chemistry under the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS) in 2016. She soon started work in the civil service in the area of enforcement operations and investigation. From there, she gained frontline experience in working with people from all walks of life. This was also when she picked up an interest in fraud risk and fraud management, as part of her work with Singapore Airlines. She decided to further her studies in 2020 to become a Certified Fraud Examiner, which was awarded by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Currently, she is working in the e-commerce space, helping companies to fight fraud.

Karen Chai Shi Hui, Class of 2015

Product Development and Production Lead, Everyday Humans

After graduating in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Karen pursued a product development career in industrial chemistry before switching tracks to the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market. Having worked in both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) industries, Karen has gained a wide variety of skills such as negotiation, problem solving and communications while building up her knowledge of the personal care business. She is currently working as a product development & production lead at Everyday Humans, a SPF-lead skincare start-up, supporting skincare launches and leading product innovations.

Kenneth Lai, Class of 2013

Regional Account Development Manager, WARC, Ascential Group

Like building a molecule, Kenneth enjoys building networks, connecting people and using insights to solve marketing and branding issues. Kenneth is a Class of 2013 Chemistry graduate, the former SPMS Club president 2011/12, and former Chairperson of the Ministerial Forum 2012. Upon graduation, Kenneth led APAC biopharmaceutical conferences, spearheaded the very first Asian biotech showcase in Terrapinn and oversaw business development for scientific conference tracks. He moved on to fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) marketing with Singapore's largest parenting movement, SuperMom and then to WARC, the global authority in marketing effectiveness. Outside of work, Kenneth mentors students interested in marketing and branding under the NTU Level Up mentorship programme and tutors low-income children. 


SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL AND MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES (Mathematical Sciences & Physics and Applied Physics)

Speakers: Cheah Zhi Quan, Garen Kwan Yue Chau, Ho Hui Wen, Marcus Tee Guang Ying & Vanessa Chong Yue Er

Hosts: Assoc Prof Ng Keng Meng & Dr Ho Shen Yong

Cheah Zhi Quan, Class of 2013

Global Customer Pricing Analyst, DHL

 Zhi Quan’s strong passion for mathematics drove him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Sciences, and he was a CN Yang Scholar due to his strong academic background. After graduating, he worked for Tigerair and Scoot as a revenue management analyst, helping to optimise revenue and yield for the airlines. He completed his MBA in NTU in 2021 and is currently working in DHL as a global customer pricing analyst. He is responsible for managing requests for quotations from DHL global customers, and a highlight of his career was the successful automation of processes through coding, which helped to improve turnaround time. 

Garen Kwan Yue Chau, Class of 2011

Data Analytics Manager, FoodPanda

As an undergraduate, Garen chose to study physics as he was interested in photovoltaics and performed research in the areas of organic photovoltaics and graphene oxide as a graduate student. This led to engineering work with light emitting diodes at a major manufacturer of high-performance diodes, and a deep dive into statistics related to process control and manufacturing quality. Wanting to introduce new methods to improve processes, he started working with data analytic tools and found success when applying these methods to projects in the factory. This fuelled an interest in data science and eventually kick started his mid-career switch into the area of information technology. 

“I think that being a student of the sciences instils in one a willingness to be a continuous learner and the discipline and rigor of thought that, in my opinion, is unique to individuals who have been trained to approach problems from first principles. From my viewpoint, change in the world is accelerating and I think that my education in physics has prepared me to handle these changes well. I hope to engage you in a conversation on how you can prepare yourself for the future by embarking on a journey into the sciences.” 

Ho Hui WenClass of 2009

Principal Process Integration Engineer, GlobalFoundries Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Hui Wen graduated from the Division of Physics and Applied Physics (PAP) in 2009 and obtained her PhD from the same college in 2014. After graduation, she joined GlobalFoundries Singapore Pte Ltd as a Principal Process Integration Engineer, where she actively applies her semiconductor physics and process knowledge learnt during her time in SPMS. As a Principal Process Integration Engineer, she is involved with different aspects such as product yield improvement, solving process marginality issues, maintaining process line stability as well as engaging with customers on product performance updates. She is also responsible for identifying the causes of low yield, and she works with various other departments to resolve these line issues.

Marcus Tee Guang Ying, Class of 2017

Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft Germany Global Account Team

Whilst studying for his degree in Mathematics and Economics in NTU, Marcus developed an AI chatbot called “NTU Bus Arrival.” It served 20,000 students on campus and reached 100,000 messages in less than two months from its publishing date and was featured in The Nanyang Chronicle and the Vulcan Post. Upon graduation, Marcus joined Microsoft Singapore’s Public Sector team, which drove several nation-wide cloud transformation projects aligned with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiatives, such as the Singapore Government Commercial Cloud, national tax systems as well as a nationwide Park Management System. Currently, Marcus is part of the Microsoft German Global Account team as a cloud solution architect, focusing on driving digital transformation and public cloud adoption to realise business outcomes. In addition to enterprising customer engagement, Marcus also actively engages the community to share his passion in technology. In the recent Microsoft Annual Internal Global Hackathon, he participated in “Hack for Africa” with a global team, developing a wildlife identification system to enable non-intrusive wildlife monitoring and preservation using artificial intelligence.

Vanessa Chong Yue Er, Class of 2018

Cyber Risk Consultant, Deloitte

Vanessa graduated in 2018 with a major in Applied Physics, focusing on Medical Physics. During her university days, she interned as a radiation physicist at the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) and the job experience was both memorable and insightful. Her current job is a Cyber Risk Consultant at Deloitte. She is a core member of the engineering team for the Deloitte Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC), which provides 24/7 monitoring services for clients in the Asia Pacific region. Her job also includes creating technical proposals with network diagrams and managing the entire on-boarding and off-boarding process for every client. Some other projects that she also works on are conducting ransomware assessments and proposing security solutions for clients. 

Prior to this role, Vanessa was a technical solutions architect with HP Inc. In that role, she provided global technical pre-sales support with direct influence with R&D labs to assist in all big deals for the company.