<Inspiring Ideas Webinar Series> The Future of Additive Manufacturing – Grand Challenges

Inspiring Ideas Webinar Series: The Future of Additive Manufacturing - Grand Challenges 12
14 Apr 2023 04.00 PM - 05.30 PM Alumni, Current Students, Industry/Academic Partners, Prospective Students, Public

Inspiring Ideas Webinar Series: The Future of Additive Manufacturing - Grand Challenges 12

Inspiring Ideas Webinar Series

The monthly thematic seminars aim to cover the different aspects of Additive Manufacturing (AM), drawing insights from global academic and industry thought-leaders to generate discussion and action on the advancement of AM technology and its integration into the emerging suite of Industry 4.0 digital technologies.

The Future of Manufacturing – Grand Challenges

What does it take for AM to move beyond? This webinar will continue to explore the grand challenges of AM as a sunrise industry and its potential for growth. There will be two talks followed by a panel discussion. The panel discussion will be moderated by Prof Paulo Bartolo, SC3DP Executive Director.

Talks & Speakers

Title: From tissue engineering to cultured meat: Role of physical conditions in influencing cell fate

Assoc Prof Tan Lay Poh is from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, NTU, Singapore. Her training is on Polymer Engineering and she has been working on biodegradable polymers and biopolymers for the past decade. She has published extensively in the top journals of biomaterials and tissue engineering.  Her research group works on developing engineering platforms to investigate cell-material interactions that eventually provided insight to develop 3D scaffolds and cell culture platforms for soft tissue engineering. The lab focuses significantly on platforms that modulate cellular and focal adhesions spatial control, including shape and cluster size; which consequently drives cellular behavior such as differentiation, migration, phenotypic maintenance etc. With these insights, various 3D scaffolds that mimic ECM physical properties were developed. For the past years, the laboratory has started using these insights from tissue engineering platforms and translated them for cultured meat applications. These platforms are versatile and could mitigate the dependence on expensive differentiation media.

Title: 3D printing of multifunctional materials/devices with bioinspired microstructures

Nanyang Asst Prof Hortense Le Ferrand graduated with an Engineering Degree from top French Graduate Engineering School ESPCI in Paris, France in 2012 with a major in Physics-chemistry, then a master thesis and PhD in materials science in 2013 and 2017 from ETH Zurich in Switzerland. Her PhD work was awarded the silver medal for outstanding thesis, and the materials and processing prize. She was a visiting researcher at Purdue University in Indiana in 2017 before joining MSE at NTU under a postdoctoral mobility fellowship from the Swiss national foundation. In 2019, Hortense joined the faculty at MAE and MSE at NTU under a joint appointment, and in 2020 was awarded the National Research Foundation Fellowship. In 2023, Hortense made it to the MIT innovators list under 35 for her work on 3D printing of multifunctional materials.