Course Registration Instructions

1. Registration for SBS Student (BS & BMS)

Students are strongly encouraged to register under the same tutorial group for all SBS modules in the same semester (e.g. T1 for BS2001, BS2002, BS2003 & BS2004). This is to avoid any confusion in the submission of lab assignments

2. Semester overload

All SBS students are allowed to overload 3AUs per semester. E.g. normal load for BS Year 1 Sem 1 is 15AUs so BS Year 1 students are allowed to register for a total of 18AUs.To register for more than 18AUs,students are to write to Associate Chair (Academic) at for approval.

3. Registration of Final-Year-Project (FYP) and Professional Internship (PI)

Please note that registration of FYP and PI will be done by the School (Undergraduate office). Please do a check on your FYP/PI registration 1-2 weeks after the add/drop period and contact the School if it is not registered then.

  • Students are required to complete all other necessary AUs for the award of Degree (students in the FINAL SEMESTER of their specific programmes registered may pursue FYP concurrently with other modules on a case-by-case basis, school’s approval is required).

  • Students are not allowed to go for exchange programme in the semester prior to their final semester.

  • Students may go for exchange one semester before their internship, but they must know that it is typically more difficult to find a placement due to the distance and time difference (if any). Hence students need to put in more effort in sourcing for an internship. Students going for exchange during that period should start to plan for their internship much earlier and it will be safer if they could self-source their internship before they leave Singapore.​

4. Changes in Time-table

Please do not refer to STARS as all changes in the time-table schedule will be reflected in the SBS website​ once the semester starts.

5. Repeat Stude​nts / Courses that are removed
**Repeat Policy for AY20Sem1 (Special arrangement due to COVID-19)

  • For students who are repeating a course with final exam weightage more than or equal to >= 50%, you are not required to attend the lessons of that course and 100% weightage will be based on final examinations (unless otherwise stated).

  • For students who are repeating a course with final exam weightage less than <50%, you are required to retake all the Continuous assessments (CA) and final examination fully in AY2020/21 Semester 1. It includes the following courses:
    Course CodeCourse Title
    BS1003Organic Chemistry
    BS3003Developmental Biology
    BS3004Cancer Biology and Therapy
    IMPORTANT: For students repeating the above courses in AY20Sem1, you must retake all continuous assessments and sit for final examination.

  • For students who are repeating self-paced course i.e. BS211S, you are required to attempt the Continual Assessments (CA) and Examinations.

  • For students who are repeating courses with Medical Certificate status for the missed exam paper, you may write-in to the Associate Chair (Academic) at for approval, by Week 2 of the semester if you wish to retain your previous Continual Assessment marks for that repeated course.

If you are re-taking ALL the Continual Assessment components of a course, your final grade will be calculated based on Continual Assessment and Examinations. (Students must repeat all CA components + Final examination)

For students who are repeating a course (without final examination), meaning that the course is based on 100% Continual Assessment (CA), you are required to re-attempt and complete all the assessment components (including CA, assignments and etc).

For students who are unable to register their repeated course(s) due to time-table clash, please notify the School by emailing the Associate Chair (Academic) at prior to your registration.

6. Students who took Medical Leave for a Continual Assessment component

Students are required to submit their Medical Certificate within 7 days from the date of the CA. Students will be awarded ZERO marks if they failed to so.

Students are reminded to contact the course coordinator to find out information on the make-up CA.

Course coordinators are allowed to set the make-up CA in the format they deem suitable.