Programme 2023

B.Sc. (Hons) in Biological Sciences with 2nd Major in Sustainability

Programme Structure details for matriculation Year 2023



The courses of study and the distribution of the courses for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with 2nd Major in Sustainability will be determined by the School of Biological Sciences with the approval of the University.

Each course will be assigned a certain number of academic units as determined by the University. The distribution of the courses of study and the associated number of academic units are shown in the tables below.

  • Core: Compulsory courses required to satisfy programme requirements. In the first and second year, it is common in that all students enrol for the same core courses.
  • Major Prescribed Electives: Students to elect and undertake courses with advanced topics and training specific to the major discipline.
  • 7 ICC - Common Core Courses: Focusing on Key Transferable Skills and Global Challenges - NTU Education​ 2025
  • 3 ICC - Foundational Core Courses: Including Effective Communication, Introduction to Data Science and a Mandatory Professional Internship
  • Broadening & Deepening Electives (2nd major in Sustainability)- To fulfil a minimum total of 30 AU (core courses in each knowledge area + electives + interdisciplinary project) to be awarded the Second Major.
    • 5 Compulsory courses - 1 core course in each knowledge area (People, Planet, Profit, Practice and Policy): 5 courses x 3AU = 15AU
    • Minimum total 12AU from Elective courses (12AU)
    • Interdisciplinary project (3 AU) -3AUs dedicated to a cross-school group work project, selected from a list of competitions and initiatives. 

For students admitted in AY2023

Biological Sciences with 2nd major in Sustainability Requirements
Course Type AU
Core 39
Major Prescribed Elective (Major PE) 33
Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core Common Core 17
Foundational Core 15
Broadening and Deepening ElectivesBDE27
Total AUs  131

For information about the University’s Academic Unit System, Grade Point Average System and calculation of Honours classification, please refer to the AUS Handbook @ here.