Dr WU Tsung-Lin

wu tsung-lin

Senior Research Fellow

PhD (Industrial Engineering), Georgia Institute of Technology
MS (Industrial Engineering), National Tsing Hua University
BBA, National Taiwan University



Tsung-Lin is a senior research fellow at RRIS, with the passion in precision rehabilitation, especially in ability data analytics. He has a diverse background in machine learning and operations research. Prior to joining RRIS, he led and participated in industrial and research projects, particularly in healthcare and manufacturing, involving data analysis, algorithm development, and software development. His previous work included disease prediction, radiation therapy treatment planning, medical alert management, production scheduling, robotic process automation for machine control, itinerary planning in tourism, etc.


​​​​​Research Interest
  • Precision Rehabilitation
  • Machine Learning
  • Operations Research


  • ​Precision Rehabilitation




TL Wu, AA Alhossary, TC Pataky, WT Ang, CJ Donnelly (2022). pyemgpipeline: A Python package for electromyography processing. Journal of Open Source Software, 7(72), 4156