Research Focus

​Rehabilitation Research institute of Singapore (RRIS) envisions becoming a world-class institute with focus on interdisciplinary research and innovation in rehabilitation science and technology for quality healthcare delivery. As RRIS is established against the backdrop of a rapidly ageing Singapore society that expects a high quality healthcare system which delivers highly effective and productive services, it is expected to play a significant role in facilitating more collaborative rehabilitation researches at a national, if not, regional level.


About RRIS Main Ability Data

Ability Data

Ability Data seeks to create the world’s largest database of systematically collected data about physical movement ability of people.

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About RRIS Main Precision Rehabilitation

Precision Rehabilitation

Our research will look at how we can detect various medical conditions earlier, conduct precision assessment, restoration of ability by providing rehabilitation through a personalised approach.

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About RRIS Main Assisted Ability

Assisted Ability

We aim to make assistive technology (AT) more effective in enhancing the ability of a person and serve their needs at work and in the home.

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