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An Asian-centric research institute focusing on human ability through data-driven interdisciplinary scientific, technological and clinical research.

The Challenge

With advances in medicine and the ability to provide quality healthcare, developed nations are having to adjust their healthcare programmes to meet the needs of an increasingly ageing population.

Hospitalisation and rehabilitation cases related to falls, stroke and degenerative disease will only increase in the years to come and will place an enormous burden on the healthcare system if not addressed.

These patients not only require healthcare and rehabilitation in a hospital setting, but ongoing care to improve their mobility needs as they age in place in the home. 

the challenge
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The Solution

With an already burdened healthcare system and lack of human resources to care for patients requiring mobility aid and rehabilitation in a hospital setting, the aim is to help the elderly age in place, in their home or in community care where possible.

This requires the availability of affordable assistive and rehabilitation technologies that can be used in the home without relying on additional human resources. There is also the need to predict and prevent or delay age- and movement-related health issues as people continue to age.


What we do

The Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore (RRIS) is committed to research projects designed to provide solutions rooted in robotic, AI and machine learning technologies. This research is supported by a massive database of information across a broad demographic of the Asian population related to movement and ability in healthy individuals and those with degenerative disease. Using this information, healthcare providers will be able to predict recovery, plan rehabilitation programmes and provide highly personalised care with a focus on prevention.


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Research Focus

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The work that we do at RRIS revolves around three core pillars: Ability Data, Precision Rehabilitation and Assisted Ability.

We have the world’s largest Asian-centric database on human physical abilities and use this data and add to it through our research and through collaboration with partners. Our work in data-driven Precision Rehabilitation aims to make early diagnosis and intervention, reduce impairment, improve ability and encourage participation in neurological-, musculoskeletal- and ageing-related conditions. We support these objectives through our work on Assisted Ability, where we develop rehabilitation and assistive robots using assistive technology to support recovery and mobility in the home, in sports and in the workplace.


About RRIS Main Ability Data

Ability Data

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Precision Rehabilitation

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Assisted Ability

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