The need to strengthen research capability has led organizations like us to provide research-oriented training programs, 

including various short courses and protocol development workshops to carry out the research work. However, to do research needs more than just training; it also requires funds, a research infrastructure, technical back-up and other support.

ROSE Lab leverages on NTU's Graduate programmes and scholarships. We can host PhD students admitted through School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme. We can also host Masters and PhD students under the EDB-NVIDIA Industrial Postgraduate Programme (IPP).

All programmes are available on a full-time or part-time basis unless otherwise specified.

The University provides research scholarships to candidates with outstanding academic records to enable them to pursue Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) programmes by research on a full-time basis.

Applications for the awards are opened together with the application for admission. Learn more on graduate scholarships at the Scholarships website.


The PhD students at the Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme will be required to complete two out of their six graduate courses in a second discipline, as compared to a regular PhD student that does all six courses in the core discipline. In addition to taking courses beyond one core discipline, the Graduate Programme’s PhD students can choose to complete one year of academic research in top universities overseas.



EDB - IPP Grant (with  Nvidia​)
The Industrial Postgraduate Programme (IPP) is an initiative by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) to build a pool of postgraduate manpower in Singapore with critical R&D skillsets through training in a corporate R&D environment and local universities. At the end of the training, graduates will take on R&D roles in the industry.​