Corporate Information

The Rapid-Rich Object Search (ROSE) Lab is a joint collaboration between Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and Peking University, China. Its vision is to create the largest collection of structured domain object database in Asia, and to develop rapid and rich object mobile search.

As mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets proliferate, internet search is more frequently performed on these devices. The search giant Google generated around $1 billion from mobile search in 2010, and its mobile segment is as valuable as its desktop search division. However, current mobile search is mainly based on text, with limited capability in describing real-world objects. In many sit​uations, a picture taken with a mobile device is simply more descriptive. We believe mobile object search will be the trend in the coming years and create huge economic value and opportunities. Our object search services will be built on a media cloud platform for scalability and robustness.


  • Advance media technology with Peking University
  • Create innovation platform for media applications
  • Develop object search tools and services with industry
  • Train manpower in object search technology

Our lab's objectives are well aligned with Singapore’s long-term goal of becoming a global media capital by promoting the development of media ecosystem as well as media technology research. We will work with Internet giants as well as local industrial leaders on research and commercialization. Such collaborative efforts with these Internet and ICT giants will lead to key advancements in relevant technologies and bring new economic opportunities and benefits.​