Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is pioneering a new push in PhD education that will tear down barriers and drive research into areas that need a multi-disciplinary approach.

In keeping with global trends and needs, students at the Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme at NTU will concentrate on two or more disciplines, instead of one.

The establishment of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme is an exciting development for both NTU and Singapore. Today, fresh thinking is urgently needed to mitigate many global challenges, not least in environmental sustainability, the creation of viable alternative energy solutions, future healthcare, new media and many other wide-ranging and complex issues.

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme is expected to integrate innovative and interdisciplinary thinking across the university, and strengthen NTU's role as a vital player in catalyzing the development of breakthrough ideas and technologies out of the university and into the world.

This Programme will tap on the faculty and talents in the university’s research centres of excellence, research institutes, colleges and schools. The innovations and breakthroughs from the Programme will help NTU to become an innovative and knowledge hub.