NTU Research Integrity Officer

NTU Research Integrity Officer


Reporting a Concern

The responsible conduct of research covers research behaviour in all its aspects and commits the researcher to conduct his research with care, rigour, honesty and respect for all and everything involved and which are the marks of good scholarship and are in accordance with the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity. There is also an obligation of those concerned to report observed, suspected or apparent misconduct, malpractices and/or non-compliance with the University’s codes of conduct and discipline.

To report a possible case of research misconduct or poor research practice, please contact NTU's Research Integrity Officer at nturio@ntu.edu.sgAll reports will be handled with strict confidentiality.


Assoc Prof Roderick Bates
NTU Research Integrity Officer

Mr Tony Mayer
NTU Research Integrity Advisor​

"Research progress is incremental and we rely on what others have already achieved, so that any flaw or inadequacy in the research record may lead us along false trails with the consequent waste of resources, especially time. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to ensure that we conduct research in a responsible manner and at the top level of international best practice. That is what research integrity is about – it is good citizenship applied to professional life. There is current concern the lack of reproducibility of much of the reported research results and as members of a leading academic institution, we need to ensure that our research is of the highest standard. Fortunately, research misconduct is relatively rare so that we need to concentrate on ensuring that NTU research is both reputable and reproducible. The NTU research integrity policy and procedures, its education and training programmes and its ethical approvals is designed to achieve this objective and the Research Integrity and Ethics Office has been established to help everyone in the NTU research community reach this goal."