Published on 20 Sep 2023

PaCE@NTU’s Third Year at the 2023 HeadHunt Postgraduate Fair

The Centre for Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE@NTU) marked its third consecutive year of participation at the 2023 HeadHunt Postgraduate Fair, an annual event that brought together more than 57 local and international institutions. The primary focus of this event was to provide professionals with a holistic understanding of how postgraduate education and executive programmes could significantly impact their career progression and personal development. Organised by HeadHunt, the fair took place on 9 Sep 2023, at the Raffles City Convention Centre.

PaCE@NTU's booth was a lively hub of activity throughout the event, attracting eager visitors looking to explore educational opportunities. PaCE@NTU showcased their continuing education and training courses with a focus on NTU FlexiMasters and the Graduate Certificate in Sustainability — Strategy, Energy, Environment, and Circularity, which garnered significant interest and received inquiries from attendees looking to advance their careers and personal growth.

NTU FlexiMasters

At the heart of PaCE@NTU's presentation was the NTU FlexiMasters. This initiative offered a flexible learning pathway designed to cater to the demanding schedules of working professionals. With more than 500 FlexiMasters courses spanning NTU's various colleges, schools, institutes, and centres, individuals can expand their knowledge and skills at their convenience while remaining competitive in today's rapidly evolving industries. The uniqueness of the FlexiMasters lies in its stackable nature, allowing learners to seamlessly integrate their course credits into relevant NTU Master's programmes.

These courses cover various disciplines, catering to professionals from diverse backgrounds and aligning with their career aspirations. From technology and entrepreneurship to healthcare and sustainability, NTU FlexiMasters offers a flexible learning pathway tailored to individual needs and ambitions.

Information Sessions: Insights and Expertise

PaCE@NTU went the extra mile to ensure attendees left the fair with valuable information and a deeper understanding of the opportunities ahead. Two useful information sessions were conducted during the event, providing valuable insights and expertise.

  1. NTU FlexiMasters Pathway and FlexiMasters in Technopreneurship and Innovation: In collaboration with the NTU Entrepreneurship Academy, PaCE@NTU conducted an information session that delved into the FlexiMasters in Technopreneurship and Innovation. This session not only showcased the course modules but also highlighted the benefits of the flexible learning pathway. Attendees gained insights into how this programme could empower them to explore entrepreneurial endeavours while honing their innovation skills.

  2. Sustainability and the Future of Green Jobs: Following the FlexiMasters session, PaCE@NTU invited industry partner Global Green Connect to share insights on future-ready skills for emerging green jobs. This session emphasised the importance of sustainability today and how professionals could equip themselves for success in green technology and smart cities. It also sheds light on PaCE@NTU's short courses and the SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP) in Driving Sustainability in Green Technology. The SCTP equips mid-career professionals with the necessary expertise to contribute to sustainable urban development and advocate for environmentally responsible policies and practices. Learners not only gained essential skills but also had access to career guidance and employment facilitation services, opening doors to new job opportunities.

Empowering Professionals for Career Advancement & Personal Growth

The 2023 HeadHunt Postgraduate Fair provided a platform for career advancement and personal growth. PaCE@NTU's extensive selection of educational opportunities, such as NTU FlexiMasters and the sustainability-focused Graduate Certificate, provided attendees with a clear path to advancing their careers and making a meaningful impact on society. Professionals from across industries engaged directly with PaCE@NTU's experts, gaining valuable insights and guidance to align their aspirations with suitable courses.

The success of PaCE@NTU's participation at the 2023 HeadHunt Postgraduate Fair extends beyond the event itself, promising a brighter future for all seeking career excellence and personal growth.