Published on 14 Nov 2023

Empowering NTU Alumni: A Recap of Homecoming 2023 Supported by PaCE@NTU's Upskilling Initiatives

NTU Alumni Homecoming 2023 @ Gaia - Over 1,300 alumni and guests attended the lively reunion at NTU's newest sustainability icon on campus, unwrapping a delightful experience filled with exciting carnival activities and endless entertainment. In this vibrant gathering, the very essence of giving shines through, as it places the gift of camaraderie and lifelong connections at the forefront.

Event Highlights

The homecoming reunion was marked by a lively atmosphere, with attendees enjoying carnival activities and stage performances. Some of the noteworthy highlights of the event included a fireside chat with NTU President, Prof Ho Teck Hua. During this chat, it was announced that NTU alumni will now receive a 10% discount for most course-based master's programmes at the University. In addition, Singaporeans and Permanent Residents are eligible for a substantial S$5,000 subsidy, and financially challenged postgraduate students may receive an additional subsidy of up to S$5,000.

In support of lifelong learning, the Centre for Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE@NTU) took the opportunity to reach out to alumni and guests on the upskilling opportunities available to everyone. The event booth provided insightful information on how alumni can leverage alumni-awarded perks for personal and professional development at NTU. In their continuous commitment to advocate for lifelong learning and inspire alumni to gain in-depth expertise through convenient, industrial relevant continuing education and training programmes, PaCE@NTU provides modularised and technologically advanced learning opportunities spanning various fields of study.

NTU Alumni Course Credits

The NTU Alumni Course Credits initiative seeks to empower NTU alumni to upgrade their knowledge and upskill their profession to stay relevant in the ever-changing global workforce. All NTU/NIE alumni (students who graduated with a diploma/degree from any of the undergraduate/postgraduate programmes offered by NTU/NIE) will each receive S$1,600 course credits.

With the aid of this initiative, all NTU/NIE alumni may utilise their course credits of S$1,600 to co-pay up to 50% of the nett fee (exclusive of prevailing GST) payable for courses offered by NTU’s Continuing Education and Training (NTU-CET) units. On top of that, the admin fee will be waived.

The Alumni Experience - NTU Lifelong Learners

Meet Jia Cheng, an MSE alumnus from Class of 2023 at NTU, who embarked on a journey of lifelong learning that not only transformed his career but also his perspective on education.

He currently holds the role of Technical Service Analyst, a position he attributes to the unique FlexiMasters in Materials Science and Engineering. This certificate, tailored for working adults, offers a flexible learning pathway with online lectures available, providing valuable convenience for returning alumni.

"Lifelong learning is crucial in an ever-changing world, equipping us with the skills to adapt and thrive,” as Liang emphasises. He strongly recommends PaCE@NTU's programmes, particularly for those hesitant to pursue further education due to existing commitments.

Another NTU MAE alumnus from Class of 2014, Jun Ming, currently working as a Project Manager, has chosen PaCE@NTU for his continuing education. The availability of NTU alumni course credits played a pivotal role in his decision. This initiative allowed him to capitalise on his previous educational achievements and continue his educational journey with NTU. Furthermore, his unwavering confidence in NTU's academic excellence further justified his choice to pursue both a FlexiMasters in Project Management and a Master of Science in Project Management.

In the spirit of personal growth and professional advancement, the ongoing journey of continuing learning is a timeless investment in oneself, and a treasure that keeps on giving. Their upskilling journey is a testament to the power of leveraging alumni course credits in pursuing their aspirations.