Transnational Knowledge Transfer and Dynamic Governance

Liu, H. Lee, C. and Alden, C. eds (2022). The Dynamics of Governance and Sustainable Development Goals in the Global South. Special Issue (March) in Global Policy


Funded by the project grant, this special issue on ‘The Dynamics of Governance and Sustainable Development Goals in the Global South’, with a focus on the ‘Asian Models of Governance’, aims to fill the gap by contributing to expanding and advancing the transnational knowledge transfer literature by bringing new cases from the Global South. It also hopes to further advance the discussions translating some aspects of Asian experiences of governance in developing an outcome-driven knowledge and policy transfer model for SDGs.


The Political Economy of Transnational Governance: China and Southeast Asia in the 21st Economy, Hong Liu. (London: Routledge, 2021)


Focusing on multidimensional interactions (including geopolitical and economic relationships, diaspora engagement, and knowledge exchange) between China and Southeast Asia, this book argues that an interwoven perspective of the political economy, transnational governance, and regional networks serves as an effective analytical framework for deciphering these transformations as well as their global and theoretical implications.


An Emerging Asian Model of Governance and Transnational Knowledge Transfer, edited By Ting-Yan Wang, Hong Liu. (London: Routledge, 2019)


This timely volume explores the emergence of Asian models of governance, taking into account the shifting global political economic landscape and the region’s rapid growth in recent decades. Could there be Asian models of governance that are distinct from the Western ones? If so, what are the key characteristics? The authors examine the potentials and challenges of Asian models of governance based on empirical studies from various Asian societies, ranging from Singapore and South Korea to Myanmar and Vietnam. As well as theoretical explorations, the book also provides rich empirical evidence on the contextualized lessons accumulated in Asia, offering a more nuanced understanding of Asian governance experience through comparative case studies.


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Conference on “Singapore as a Hub and Corridor in Asia”


3-4 March 2023

International Conference on “Transnational Knowledge Transfer and Dynamic Governance: Comparative Experiences and New Challenges”


2-3 March 2021
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Panel on “In search of innovative solutions and dynamic governance: transnational knowledge transfer in comparative perspective”


13 March 2018


The objective of the panel not only disseminated the preliminary findings of the project and promoted relevant discussions in the field, but also facilitated knowledge exchange on the project moving forward.



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