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**For NTU NEW users who wish to use N2FC cleanroom facilities, please click User Registration. For External Users, please email your interest to [email protected] 

Please note that any work carried out in N2FC is chargeable based on hourly or no. of runs.

Users are categorized into 3 groups – NTU Internal, NTU External and Public. 
They carry different charge rates. 

For enquiry of total charge for your planned work, please email to [email protected] stating your job description and the estimated hours to complete.

Only for NTU Internal Users

Should you are agreeable with the terms & conditions & charge rate, please proceed to download the respective forms and submit to N2FC with your supervisor's approval. For Mask Making service, Mask Making Specification Form has to be submitted together with Job Submission charge form.
Job Submission Charge Form (Submit this form for every new fund transfer)
Mask Making Specification Form 
Job Processing Record Form (Submit this form when you have an existing funding account with N2FC)

For NTU users who has to use the cleanroom equipment regularly, he has to attend N2FC lab safety training session and complete 9 online safety cores before he is allowed to access cleanrooms.

Users who plan to work at N2FC cleanroom after Normal Opening Hour must be certified users and buddy has to be accompanied at all times in the cleanroom. Overtime request has to be reached the lab staff in-charge before 4pm during weekdays via email.