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N2FC provides the equipment, infrastructure and expertise for effective nano-science and nanotechnology research through wafer-level processes and device fabrication. We support and connect all disciplines, fields, and labs across the colleges of engineering and science.


Rare equipment in-house

Such as Varian ion Implantation, Epitaxy, Vistec Electron Ebeam Lithography (EBL) and Clusterline Sputter

Reliable host for research programmes

N2FC hosts a variety of programmes such as prestigious National Research Foundation's (NRF) Competitive Research Programme (CRP)

Strong partnership with Temasek Laboratories

A partnership established by the Ministry of Defence, Singapore and NTU to develop strategic technologies for Singapore's defence and security

Trusted by industry partners

Including SMART, NUS, Lumileds, Denselight, Broadcom, AAC, ASTAR, NIE, Singapore Eye Research Institute, and IGSS

Our Facilities

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Our centre comprises two cleanroom facilities:

Cleanroom 1 (CR1)

Cleanroom 1 (CR1) is a class 100 cleanroom featuring an open concept design with an area of 673 m2. It is mainly for Si-based research with tools for both 6 inch and 8 inch fab.

Cleanroom 2 (CR2)

Cleanroom 2 (CR2) features separate class 10 and class 100 bays and has an area of 693 m2. It is mainly dedicated for non-CMOS work with processing tools for wafers 4 inch and below.