Published on 20 Oct 2022

TERMIS-AP 2022 Awards: Ms Marin Yee and Dr Tan Pei Leng

We are pleased to share that our postgraduate student, Ms Marin Yee Zhen Lin, has won the Best Poster award and our research fellow, Dr Tan Pei Leng, has won the Best Oral Presentation award at the TERMIS-AP 2022 held on 5 – 8 October 2022 at Jeju, South Korea.

Marin presented the poster on "Human Hair Keratin Gradient Hydrogels for Skin Regeneration", sharing the sustainable approach to exploit the natural high cysteine chemistry in human hair keratins in developing a novel hydrogel system that possess a gradient to mimic those present in our human body with higher relevance. Through a single-step fabrication process, a gradient hydrogel based on metal-thiolate complexations with anisotropic microstructures were established. This work explores the possibility of utilizing the template for skin regeneration. 

Pei Leng presented her work on "Delivery of highly proliferative co-cultured skin cells in 3D GelMA core-shell microspheres: in vitro studies". Her work aims to overcome some of the challenges faced in employing conventional skin grafting technologies for the treatment of large burn wounds.

Ms Marin Yee Zhen Lin (left) and Dr Tan Pei Leng (right) receive TERMIS-AP 2022 Awards.

The TERMIS-AP 2022 covered various topics on issues in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine under the main theme of "New Chapter of Future Regenerative Medicine." Distinguished speakers and more than 1,350 delegates from 33 countries attended to share the most up-to-date research findings and accomplishments in the field. Jeju Island where the event was held, also known as "Treasure Island of the World", is the only place in the world certified by UNESCO Triple Crown. 

Our heartiest congratulations to Marin and Pei Leng!