Published on 02 May 2023

Prof Liu Zheng Appointed Editor-In-Chief of Materials Today Catalysis (Elsevier)

We are pleased to announce that Professor Liu Zheng has been appointed as the inaugural Editor-In-Chief of the new scientific journal – Materials Today Catalysis (Elsevier)

Prof Liu's appointment to this influential position is a testament to his scientific expertise and accomplishments. From scalable synthesis methods to next-generation electronics and catalysing sustainable energy solutions, Prof Liu's research in 2D materials has had a profound impact on materials science and beyond. This recognition not only strengthens MSE’s reputation but also accentuates the global impact of the research performed by our esteemed faculty members.

Our heartiest congratulations to Prof Liu on this outstanding accomplishment!

About Materials Today Catalysis (Elsevier)
Materials Today Catalysis, a member of the Materials Today family, is a multidisciplinary gold open-access journal publishing cutting-edge research in the area of fundamental and applied catalysis in both academia and industry. It seeks to publish experimental and theoretical papers in all fields of catalysis-heterogeneous catalysis, molecular catalysis, and biocatalysis that will address the current challenges in their respective fields. This journal gives particular emphasis to articles that provide insights into atomic-scale catalytic processes, catalyst design principles, and real-world catalyst implementations.