Published on 27 Jun 2022

NTUitive Gap Fund – Professor Hu Xiao, Professor Raju Ramanujan and Associate Professor Tan Lay Poh

We are pleased to share that the following faculty members have been awarded the NTUitive Gap Fund for their projects:
Professor Hu Xiao: Micronutrient Doped Carbon Dots as High efficiency Delivery Platform for Agriculture Applications.
Professor Raju Ramanujan: Bridging the Gap to Commercialization of Our Magnetocuring Technology.
Associate Professor Tan Lay Poh: New green method of processing chicken feather for effective extraction of hydrolysable protein.
About the grant
The NTUitive Gap Fund scheme provides funding to researchers in NTU for beyond Proof-Of-Concept development to facilitate the commercialisation of technology developed here. The grant is awarded through a competitive application process to support projects which are technically sound and commercially viable. The grant goes towards supporting the developmental cost in building a fully functional prototype.
Our heartiest congratulations to Prof Hu, Prof Raju and Prof Tan!