Published on 12 Apr 2022

MSE In The News: Recyclable Pollen-based Paper for Repeated Printing and 'Unprinting'

We are delighted to share that Professor Cho Nam-Joon and Professor Subra Suresh's research on developing a recycling pollen-based paper for repeated printing and 'unprinting' has been featured in various media.

The pollen-based ‘paper’, which is made via a multi-step process with a significant negative environmental impact, could become an eco-friendly alternative to conventional paper.
It could also help to reduce the carbon emissions and energy usage associated with conventional paper recycling, which involves repulping, de-toning (removal of printer toner) and reconstruction.

The research work is published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal – Advanced Materials, titled 'Recyclable and Reusable Natural Plant-Based Paper for Repeated Digital Printing and Unprinting'.
A patent application has also been filed based on this NTU innovation.

"Aside from being easily recyclable, our pollen-based paper is also highly versatile. Unlike wood-based conventional paper, pollen is generated in large amounts and is naturally renewable, making it potentially and attractive raw material in terms of scalability, economics, and environmental sustainability. By integrating conductive materials with the pollen paper, we could potentially use the material in soft electronics, green sensors, and generators to achieve advanced functions and properties."

-Professor Cho Nam-Joon-

Prof Cho Nam-Joon (2nd from left), Prof Subra Suresh (2nd from right) and team presenting the innovative printer-ready pollen paper. Source: NTUsg
ChannelNewsAsia (CNA) presenter, Ms. Loke Wei Sue (left), spoke with Prof Cho Nam-Joon (right) to learn more about the costs and limitations of the innovation. Source: CNA YouTube

Our heartiest congratulations to Prof Cho and Prof Suresh on this excellent achievement!

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