Published on 02 Oct 2023

2023 Kabiller Young Investigator Award - Professor Chen Xiaodong

We are proud to announce that Professor Chen Xiaodong has been awarded the prestigious 2023 Kabiller Young Investigator Award

Professor Chen has made significant contributions to developing nanomaterials, nanotools, and nanotechnologies. His innovative work in creating close-to-human sensing devices has the potential to revolutionise nanoscience and nanomedicine. Notably, his advancements in creating nanomaterials for conformal bioelectronic interfaces have led to breakthroughs in human-machine integration and reliable biological signal sensing from the human body. Professor Chen’s artificial neurons and biphasic nano-dispersed (BIND) interface show great promise in neuromodulation devices, on-skin biosensors, and targeted nanoparticles for enhanced drug delivery.

As a recipient of this esteemed award, Professor Chen will speak at the 2023 Rosemary Schnell IIN Symposium at Northwestern University in Evanston on Thursday, 2nd November 2023.

We extend our warmest congratulations to Professor Chen for achieving this honour!

About the Kabiller Young Investigator Award
The USD 10,000 Kabiller Young Investigator Award recognises individuals who have made groundbreaking discoveries within the last few years in the same area that have the potential to make a lasting impact. The award, along with the Kabiller Prize and Kabiller Rising Star Award, was established in 2015 through the visionary generosity of entrepreneur, Northwestern trustee, and alumnus - David G. Kabiller (’85, ’87 MBA). These awards were established to honour and support exceptional nanoscience and technology, and nanomedicine achievements. Mr Kabiller’s commitment to fostering scientific breakthroughs and advances continues to inspire researchers and clinicians, fostering a culture of excellence in these critical areas.