Published on 01 Feb 2022

Research highlight: Bioinspired microstructures to tune the crack paths in composites

A MAE research team led by Assistant Professor Hortense Le Ferrand and comprised of researchers Xin Ying Chan, Clarence Chua, and Sharlene Tan, developed and fabricated ceramic-polymer composites with various microstructures.

These microstructures are formed by the orientation of the ceramic micro-platelets at set angles using a customed set-up. After testing under compression, we analyse the relationship between the microstructure and the achieved mechanical properties. With this knowledge, we will be able to design the local microstructure depending on the intended mechanical properties of a part, which could increase their toughness and life-time.

The work is reported in a research article entitled "Energy dissipation in composites with hybrid nacre-like helicoidal microstructures" published in Composites Part B: Engineering.