Published on 01 Aug 2023

Graduate College Interdisciplinary Research Award

Congratulations to MAE Ph.D. candidate Xu Hongmei for being the Winner for the Graduate College Interdisciplinary Research Award in the academic year 2023-2024.

Through the research, Xu Hongmei has discovered a novel curvature-induced wound healing mechanism by applying mechanical confinements on cell and explaining the cell behaviours by mechanical analysis. The study contributes new knowledge to the field of mechanobiology, providing more effective biomechanical strategies for tissue repair, plastic surgery and wound management.

Hongmei is immensely grateful for the invaluable guidance and support of her esteemed PhD supervisors, Prof K. Jimmy Hsia and Prof Huang Changjin. Their mentorship has allowed her to harness the potential of interdisciplinary synergy to explore new horizons, challenge boundaries, and develop a deep passion for knowledge.


Graduate College Interdisciplinary Research Award is presented to graduate students who have engaged in outstanding inter-disciplinary or trans-disciplinary projects. The award recognises individual or collaborative research that integrate concepts or practices from multiple disciplines to solve problems whose solutions are beyond the scope of a single discipline.