Published on 01 Aug 2023

Graduate College Research Excellence Award

Congratulations to MAE Ph.D. candidate Changhong LINGHU for winning the Runner-up for the Graduate College Research Excellence Award in the academic year 2023-2024. 

Changhong LINGHU, co-supervised by Professors K. Jimmy Hsia and Huajian Gao in MAE at NTU, was awarded this prestigious honor for his breakthroughs in pushing the adhesion strength closer to the theoretical limit and address the long-standing “adhesion paradox” and “switchability conflict” on rough surfaces to develop stronger and more switchable smart adhesives using shape memory polymers. His research will impact various fields such as robotics and human/machine interfaces. 

Graduate College Research Excellence Award is presented to graduate students who attain significant research achievements during their studies at NTU. The award recognizes original, creative, and widely disseminated student research with significant impacts on the field or society. Only 3 graduate students were awarded this honor this year.