Published on 01 Aug 2023

Graduate College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award

Congratulations to MAE Ph.D. candidate Leong Sheng Yuan for winning the Runner-up for the Graduate College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award in the academic year 2023-2024.

Dr. Leong Sheng Yuan is a PhD student in Associate Professor Hou Han Wei’s team who studies microfluidics for clinical diagnostics and blood fractionation. Under the supervision of Prof. Hou, he has developed a novel automated microfluidic technology (ExoArc) for direct plasma extraction from blood. The developed technology enables point-of-care plasma extraction immediately after blood draw to minimize blood degradation during the lengthy transportation to laboratory. The extracted plasma with complete cell removal also enhances the detection of circulating biomarkers such as cell-free nucleic acids and extracellular vesicles in liquid biopsies.   

Graduate College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award is presented to graduate students who have shown commendable entrepreneurial attitude. The award recognises graduate students who have demonstrated leadership, initiative, passion and resilience to generate intellectual property and/or translate research ideas from academia to industry, driving innovation and commercialization.